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Last night I went to a gift exchange party with a TWIST.
Y'all ... it was so much fun.

I wanted to share how my friend Kathryn pulled it off!

The lovely hostess deemed it a Favorite Things Party (a la our BFF Oprah), and here's how it went down:

* You buy 5 of the same gifts that are $5 or less (so you're capped at a $25 spend)
* These gifts are something you truly love! A candle, cleaning product, beauty product, gadget etc.
* All of your gifts go in a bag and do not need to be wrapped
* Upon arriving at the party, you put your name ONCE in one cup and FIVE times in another bigger cup
* The hostess goes first, explains her gifts and why she loves them, then picks five names out of the bigger cup. These are the five random recipients of her gift!
* After giving the 5 gifts out, she picks one name from the smaller cup and that is the "next Oprah" to go up and give out the gifts she brought.
* If a name is chosen twice for the same gift, it just goes back in the cup so that nobody has to leave with duplicates of any gift.

Here's what I brought:

Maybelline New York Baby Lips Glow Balm, My Pink, 0.13 Ounce
baby lips glow balm (here on amazon - for much less than I paid at the drustore!)
so smooth, creamy, and it changes color to become the perfect pink for any skin tone.

And here's what I ended up taking home:

$5 target gift card // locally made pimiento cheese // 
leather care gel // essie nail polish in ballet slippers // 
swear word coloring book and colored pencils

At the end of the party, the hostess also gave a gift to the person with the most creative gift (local pimiento cheese with instructions on how to apply for a library card) and 2nd most creative gift (selfie stick)! 

So, go forth and plan a FAVORITE THINGS party because I can attest to the fact that they are awesome!

To my friend Kathryn, you knocked it out of the park! YOU GET A CAR! 

from http://ift.tt/2hREoDe

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