Oh Christmas Tree...

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If you had told me 10 years ago about how much I would love having a faux tree, I would have definitely scoffed.  But I'm a convert now. There is just no beating the ease and convenience of a faux tree - no needles to sweep up, not watering, no lights to untangle. Best of all, I can put this up the day after the Thanksgiving and I don't have to worry about having a dry tree come Christmas. This year, it got even easier with a Balsam Hill Flip Tree.

Noble Fir Flip Tree  / Copper Berry Picks  / Fur Tree Skirt

The base and about 2/3 of the tree is on wheels, you simply roll it out of the bag, flip it over and connect the top piece. No wires to find, no untangling lights. I literally pulled this bad boy out of the box and had it done in minutes. Not having to get my husband to help me put it up made us both merry!

This tree has their LED candlelights and its beautifully bright and shiny. I love how its nice and bright even in the daylight but of course the evening it when it really sparkles. Aggie was super excited to come home to this surprise.

Thank you to Balsam Hill for making life so much easier for me and providing me this tree.  I definitely was happy to have that extra time back!

from http://ift.tt/2hnLHSV

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