Home Week - 4 Small Expenses With Big Impact, and Your Advice

Today for Home Week I wanted to share four smaller expenses that make a big impact! 

1 // The first one is SO cheap and a no-brainer. Hopefully your door stoppers are in a lot better shape than ours were upon moving in. Our home was built in the '90s so these old door stoppers were yellowed, dusty, and crumbling apart. I bought a pack of 50 on Amazon HERE and went around the house replacing them all. Look at the before and after below. So gross!

From ew to better!

2 // Secondly, we had such an assortment of outdated and cheap register covers around the house. Some were rusting brown or white metal, some were cheap clunky plastic. I had eleven to replace. I bought these wicker design register covers on Amazon HERE and wow, what a difference it makes to have consistency through the house. And I love the geometric design! 

3 // Light fixtures make for a drastic improvement. Here's the light that was in the breakfast area (in fact, a better version of what was there - it had these stick-on grapes all around it). I took the grapes off and then snapped this photo. We had our wonderful handyman replace it with this amazing Moroccan light (from Overstock HERE) which is less than $150.


We also had a huge brass foyer light that needed to go. 


The French-inspired chandelier that hangs there now was not cheap ($450) BUT what a difference it makes! I found it locally at a store called Blacklion. Yes, I'm lumping it into this "small expenses" blog topic because while it was a lot of money, I felt like the price was pretty competitive for a fixture this size. 

4 // Our master bathroom shower head was pitiful. It unevenly spit water out and had such low flow that it was nearly impossible to wash shampoo bubbles out of my hair. Not a great way to start off the day! 

A plumber was at our home for some leakage issues and I asked him about how to increase the water flow. He told me just to get a new shower head with lots of small nodules! Our fixtures are brass currently so I found this awesome larger head with lots of high ratings HERE on Amazon. Y'all, what a difference! We now have the best pressure and a spa-like shower. Ian was really skeptical that our shower issues could be reversed just by changing out the shower head, but he was thrilled to be w-r-o-n-g! This one looks prettier and I actually really like the brass. 
Okay, now on to your advice. We have this bay window in our dining room. It's the last room in the house that has small metal blinds. We are itching to replace them. The window grids are broken so I took them out of the windows. What would you do here, plantation shutters (knowing that it's going to be super expensive, like $900, wahhhhhh) or would you buy new window grids, buy a bay window curtain rod, and have drapes made? It is hard to really see with this quick iPhone snap, but once I get prettier window treatments, I'll shoot prettier pictures. :) I'd love to hear your advice!

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