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Hold on a sec and let me reminisce about the days when we had housekeepers.

... long, deep sigh ...

New house, new (higher) mortgage, and we vowed to make some financial cuts where we could. Ian gave up the weekly lawn care service and I gave up my twice-a-month housekeepers. Those were perks that we enjoyed in our last home where we had a little more monthly disposable income! We really try to live frugally and make cuts where we can with me being a stay at home mom, having bigger rooms here to fill with furniture, and juggling costly home updates.

(speaking of home updates -- I pulled the trigger on the plantation shutters for the dining room!)

So for this Thursday installment of Home Week, let's chat cleaning and organization tips and tricks I use around the home! These are things that keep our home in order and allow us to feel proud of our little casita.

First of all, I spent hours cleaning the grime off of the wire racks in the pantry. They still leave a little to be desired but they do the job. Maybe one day I will get more substantial shelves. One thing I use to corral small items like Camille's sippy cup assortment and Charlotte's bottles are some copper wire baskets I got for $5.99 from Homegoods.

I also love this plastic bag dispenser I got HERE on Amazon. So much tidier than having plastic bags floating around under the sink, and great for the environment. We reuse these bags frequently whether it's to stick in bathroom wastebaskets or to cover my hairdo in the rain. Okay, okay, kidding about that last part, but the mental image did make me giggle. 

For what it's worth, I say don't bother with the Command strips that come with it. Ours fell down in the middle of the night, waking us up. We used the screws to secure ours in the pantry!

Next is all about the floors. I always get asked about how I keep our hardwoods clean. And let me tell you, nothing will get you caring about your hardwoods like being the one to stroke the check for them! After having them refinished, and knowing how tedious that was, I want to keep these floors as healthy as possible. I use a combination of the Rubbermaid Reveal mop and Bona hardwood floor cleaner and, dare I say that mopping is a pleasure?!
Bona Hardwood Floor Cleaner Refill, 128 oz, Clear
Until this afternoon, our drawers in our kitchen were so disorganized. It's amazing what some good clear drawer organizers (like THESE) can accomplish. Not only do they help us stay organized with our kitchen and office drawers, but they keep you motivated to keep cleaner drawers and periodically declutter. I mean, we have like sixteen bottle openers. Necessary? NO. Ian has a mission tonight when he gets home from work ... pick out his favorite two and donate the rest!

top left - before
bottom photos - after!

Cleaning-wise, we do have a Roomba (praise hands) and between that and my dustbuster, which I use on the DAILY, we stay relatively crumb-free. Our garbage gets picked up on Tuesdays so every Monday I am in the habit of running around and emptying trashcans in the house. Mopping is usually done on Tuesdays or Wednesdays during the 2:00 hour when both girls are napping. I also use that day to wipe down bathroom cabinets and windex the mirrors. Laundry gets done, let's face it, every single day. I really try to stay on top of keeping the house clean so that I don't get overwhelmed! And frankly, it's great exercise and it's saving us money, so I guess you could say I get paid to work out?

10 Questions to Help You Declutter:

Someone asked me recently to share my master closet on Snapchat. I chickened out. It's really messy and embarrassing. I mean, not completely hoarder status, but not "broadcast it to the internets" status either. I'm working on a pretty big closet purge (sayonara, sequined shirts) and requested one of the free bags from ThredUp so I can send my items to them and see if any are worthy of being resold on their site! Anything they don't take will get donated, so it's a win/win for everyone. I clean my closet, I may get paid, and I at least get a ton given to charity without even leaving my house.

Tomorrow I'll be back here for Five on Friday and I'll be sharing a house tour as my five! Hope you've enjoyed this series!

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