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Well, I totally surprised myself when it came time to shop for the counter tops.  I looked at all kinds of quartz and then at granite and even marble.  I didn't find a quartz that I really liked at all.  Just too plain, so I then looked at granite.  There are some really pretty granite slabs to see.  There is one called white marble, however the veins have a purple tint to them.  At least it looked that way to me, so that was out.  Then I looked at some really plain ones, and hubby didn't like them much.  He just thought a white room, white cabinets and white counters was a bit too much.  He wanted pattern.  So I agreed to take a look at some pattern.

There are some really pretty ones with a lot of gray and a lot of beige.  Then we saw this one that has a little gray, a little gold color, some brown and the same white as my cabinets.  It is a lot more pattern than I thought I wanted, but hubby was in love.  So the more I looked at it the more I agreed.  With the white cabinets, stainless appliances, gold hardware and medium brown wood floors, this could be a great piece to tie everything together.

Are you as surprised as I am.  I think anything would work, but this is the one hubby loved, so why not.  I think it will be interesting.  This is a small kitchen so a little color and pattern might be just the thing it needs.

This piece will definitely pull out the stainless gray color, the white cabinet color and the med brown wood floor color.  Plus add the little touch of gold in some of the veins and that will play off of the gold hardware for the cabinets.  Most of all, since the kitchen is joined with the family room, something not so dressy will be perfect.

The hardware arrived today too.  It is a nice antique brass color.  We really liked the T-Bar style pulls in the last house so we did the same here for this kitchen.

My sink and faucet shipped, so can't wait until they get here.  Things are starting to come together.

So what do you think of the granite ?  A little different so we will see how it goes.  I paid for it so I am committed. #notlookingback

NOW A QUESTION?  The last thing I have to pick out are small pendant lights and a chandy for the adjoining breakfast area.  I'm hoping to be able to have the track lights taken down and pot lights put in and two pendant lights over the peninsula.  (If my budget can afford it)  At any rate, I need a light for the breakfast area.  (The remodel has started, new cabinets are in, others rearranged and painting begins tomorrow.)

 I need to keep in mind that this all adjoins the family room.   This room is also a work in progress.  The carpet will be replaced with the same wood floors as the kitchen.

I want something really fun for the breakfast light, but it can't be too fussy since the family room is much more casual.   I don't have a clue.  WHAT WOULD YOU DO?

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