Kitchen Makeover Update - Picture Timeline Part 2

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Today I thought I would share Kitchen Makeover Update - Picture Timeline Part 2.  This has been such a fun project to watch.  I am amazed at how a few things can make such a difference.  If you missed Kitchen Makeover Update - Picture Timeline Part 1 you can see it here.   It will show you how the kitchen looked when we bought the house and all the steps to get it to this point.

We ended Part 1 here.  Primer and paint were finally going up.  The old cabinets have been reconfigured and the new ones added, crown molding and lots of trim, so time for some paint.

You can see that they put a  plastic wall up so they could spray paint the cabinets.  Note the carpet that the previous owners layed in the family room going right up to the kitchen peninsula.  Not what I would, so it has to go along with the white linoleum floors.

 THIS IS WHEN THINGS GOT REALLY INTERSTING.  My guys that were going to do the new wood floors came and started ripping up the carpet.  So I had painters on one side and floor guys on the other side.

The next day they started taking the plastic down.  As you can see, the carpet was gone and the floors were ready to lay the new flooring down.

Oh and my electrician came and took the track lighting down and added the pot lights and the wiring for the pendants in the middle of all this too.  You can see the patches in the ceiling that need to be sanded and painted still.  (There was so many people working here at one time, but they all functioned like a well oiled machine.)

The painters and carpenters were still working away in the kitchen too.  Hanging doors and adding all the trim to the island.

This gives the island such a great finished look.

I love the cabinets.  They will be so pretty with the new hardware too.

Even with all of this going on, my floor guys started laying the new floors.  This is a product called NuCore.  It is a laminate that is 100% waterproof.  You can see tons of samples and learn all about it at Floor & Decor.   I love this stuff.  It is amazing.

This is going to run all the way through the family room, kitchen, pantry and laundry room.

This is going to be amazing and I love the wide baseboard he is putting down too.  We hope to add a pool this summer, so this will be the perfect flooring to have.  No worries about spills or water from the pool.

Time to call the granite guy and get him here to make his template for the new counters.  (I have been without a kitchen for 7 days now, so I am really ready to get this done.)  Sandwiches, take-out, BBQ and washing dishes in the powder room sink.  A functioning kitchen is going to be fabulous.

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