ROLL CALL: Mom Hacks


Monday morning roll call!

Someone asked me the other day what one of my favorite "mom hacks" was.
You know, the tips and tricks you use to make life easier. 

Here's what I said:
It's actually a trick I learned from my mom. We have a drawer underneath our double oven that was going unused. My mom recommended that we turn it into Camille's art drawer. It houses her washable crayons, coloring books, construction paper, and sticker pads. She has access to it whenever she wants to be creative. She is in charge of putting her supplies away all by herself! 

And here's one more:
I always try to be one step ahead of what the girls will want or need. 
For example...

+ Ten minutes before Camille is up for her nap, I put a snack and cup of water out for her. Then, whenever she wakes, snack is ready. 

+ While the girls are safely in their high chairs, I run back to our bathroom and draw the bath. I also put their jammies and fresh diapers next to the tub so they can get dressed right out of the bath and I'm not running around the house with naked shivering babes. 

+ Before I go to bed, I fill up a cup of milk for Camille's breakfast.

Tiny tiny things that make life run a smidge smoother!

What are your "mom hacks"?


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