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A Stroll Thru Life
The kitchen remodel is coming along and so far I am loving it.  It just takes time to get everything done, so I am trying to be patient and just enjoy the process.  Still boxes to unpack and lots to get done, however I thought I would give you a tour of upstairs.  The "Builder Basic" has a great floor plan.   It functions very well for us.
I am loving the separation you have with a two story home, and I also love that you can see most of downstairs from upstairs.

As you come upstairs you reach a really nice wide landing.  All the bedrooms, hall bath and loft branch off this landing.

From the railing on the left you can look down at the living/dining areas.  I love that I can see what is going on downstairs from up here.

You can see the door on the left to the master bedroom and the door on the right is the hall bath.
Master Bedroom

Hall Bath
Just your standard typical basic bathroom.  Small vanity, toilet and tub/shower combo.  This space needs a makeover but that is for down the road.

Back on the landing you can look straight ahead and hubby is going to use the largest guest bedroom for his office.  He likes to be able to close the door when he is on the phone, so this one is a great size and perfect location.

Nothing put away, just a table with his computer on it.  The carpet is being replaced with wood floors in about a month, then he can set it up like he wants.

Back out on the landing is the linen closet on the right, then the door is open to the second guest bedroom.

For the moment, this is the staging spot for all the paintings.  I sold everything from our old guest room, so I will need to find new furniture for this room.

Turn around on the landing and look back down the stairs and you see the entrance to the loft.

This is going to be my office and a den area when it is all set up.  I will share more later.

That's it.  The tour of upstairs.  Lots to do still, but we are making progress.

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