This Weekend I...

... had Chinese food with Ian on Friday night and we started watching The Big Short (but didn't finish it). 

... snuck out during Saturday naptime to enjoy a gel manicure at Polished. The color is Let's Be Friends by OPI (Hello Kitty collection). I have had gel nails since mid-December and love the shiny look with very little upkeep! I try to make my manicures last 3 weeks if possible and they run me $25-35 depending on where I go. 

... got dressed up and had a great night out with my husband trying out a new sushi restaurant! We shared three rolls and I had a great glass of sauvignon blanc (and a few sips of Ian's hot sake). 

... picked up a bow that I had monogrammed for Camille (love!!!) and listed a few more bows in our Etsy shop

... snuck out again during Sunday's naptime and had 6" cut off of my hair! Dion at the Great Clips in Colony Place gave me an adorable haircut for $14. I haven't had it this short since college but I am loving it!


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