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I read a blog post in bed this morning that had me just (sleepily) nodding my head in agreement so much. My blog pal Natalie at East Coast Chic wrote it. She recently had a bit of a blogging/life epiphany. I highly encourage you to go visit this post and give it a good read. As a fellow blogger, I could not agree more. As a fellow mom, I could not agree more. As a fellow woman who still wants to pursue passions and hobbies that speak to me -- and make time for myself, I could not agree more.

I told some other girlfriends the other day that I was going to pump the brakes HARD on sponsored posts. It's just not me. Penning a post that's like "My Favorite Mama Moment (Brought To You By This Hardworking Deodorant)" ... its just. not. me. These sponsored posts pay really well, but they are more work than I want to take on. Adhering to deadlines, guidelines, did I tweet this enough, did I put this on Insta already, I have to get pageview reports to the company, blah blah blah. It's nowhere near as fun as what I'm doing RIGHT this minute which is sipping on coffee and chatting with you.

By the way ... my newest coffee obsession is the Cafe Verona k-cup by Starbucks. It's a dark brew and it's delicious with the French vanilla creamer I get from Aldi.

I do have some post ideas for this month which I'm really, really excited about. I am going to dedicate one full week to home stuff -- selling a home, buying a home, big home updates, little (inexpensive) home updates that pack a punch. I'm pretty excited about that little series!

I'm off to check out the Lilly sale which began at 8am today HERE. It runs through Friday afternoon only. This sale happens only twice a year and is something I always check out. I love Lilly and 95% of my pieces have been bought on sale. I can literally think of three things I own, a pink puffy vest and two Elsa tops, that were purchased full price. Chances are, if you see me in Lilly, it was a sale find!

(click image to hop in the "virtual line" for the sale)

The bright colors just speak to me and are so cheery. I know not everyone loves Lilly, but they have a fan in me.

8 of the Best Lilly Pulitzer Quotes of All Time -

And if you also heart pink, green, and palm trees but your Lilly budget is more in the $15 and under range, you're always covered. :)

Let me know if you score some great finds! What's your fave Lilly piece? I have a knit dress with navy and white zebras on it that is one of my absolute favorite pieces in my closet.


Linking up with East Coast Chic and Home of Malones ... two of my faves!

Thoughts for Thursday


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