Truth Or Dare

It's almost 7am, which means the girls will be up soon. I don't really have much on my blogging radar today, so I'm going to open comments up to what I hope will be something fun.

Truth or dare. You know you want to play along. Ask me anything or dare me to do anything!

Start your comment off below like this:

TRUTH: _____ (or)
DARE: _______

Okay, so it may look like this:

TRUTH: What's your most embarrassing mom moment?
DARE: I dare you to post a photo on Snapchat of XYZ

Let's keep it nice and fun and family friendly 'cause you know ... morals. :)

I may not answer everything and I may not take every dare, but I'll be responding below to each comment as my day allows, so check back ever so often to see what's happening in the comments!

OK ... GO!


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