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Well, we are finally at the end of most of the boxes that were moved with us and trying hard to figure out what to do with everything. Some things work really well and some not so much.  One of the last rooms that needed to be put together was our Guest Bedroom.  Ever since we moved in it has been the dumping ground for everything that we didn't know what to do with.  All the odd ball pieces of furniture and definitely all the art work.   (We still have some boxes in a storage shed from where we de-cluttered the garage and house before putting it on the market.)  We need to get those things out of there and figure out what all is left to find a home for.

I think I showed you this room a while ago.  This looked good, as time went on it got to be such an eye sore you needed to keep the door shut.  Furniture and accessories piled all over the place.

This is a smallish room, but the full size bed works and gives one person a really comfortable nights sleep and two can manage.  I agree a queen size would be better, but this is what we have.  I sold everything that was in the guest bedroom before we moved, so all I have to start with is the bed.  I was so sick and tired of this room looking like the junk closet it had become, so I cleaned everything out and decided I could make it look better with all the "weird" leftover stuff that was there.

TA-DA - I present my Guest Bedroom. - Now this is not even pretending to be chic, elegant or even stylish.  It is just a really clean room with a great bed, fabulous linens for a good nights sleep and the bare necessities.

 We had this two drawer file cabinet that hubby isn't using, so I am making it do as a nightstand.  Plenty of room on top for a lamp, clock and space for anything that a guest might need to have easy access to.

The mirror was hanging over the dresser in our Master Bedroom in our previous home, however it hasn't found a "home" in this house yet, so I am using it as my headboard.  Most of my pillows are still in the storage shed, but these work to add a little interest to the bed.

This bedroom is next to the loft and has one angled wall.  Kind of a fun quirk.

I am using this quilt rack to hold a couple of throws in case a guest wants to take a nap and needs just a light cover.  The top also serves as a luggage rack to hold their overnight bag.  An unused bookcase holds some assorted accessories and a few books.  I love the painting hanging above it, my son painted that for me years ago.  Definitely one of my favorite treasures.

I folded this toile comforter for the foot of the bed.  Nights have been down into the 50's - 60's, so a comforter might be wanted for a little extra warmth.

Instead of just a pile of junk, I took all these really weird odd-ball pieces and turned them into a clean comfortable space for a guest.

You don't have to have anything fancy to entertain guests, just make sure it is clean and comfortable and they will be fine.  Now of course I will search for some bedroom furniture down the road, but for now, this would work in a pinch and it is definitely better than a pile of junk all over the room.

On a side-note - - - After finishing the Kitchen Makeover, I knew that I still needed 2 more bar stools, however I also knew that my budget was done.  Then - - - I checked on line and there were only 7 left, so before they were all gone and I wouldn't be able to get anymore to match, I bit the bullet.  Now my Kitchen is really done, done - DONE.

Ok, now on to the Master Bathroom Vanity and the Hall Bathroom.  They both need some DIY and I definitely need to paint or stain the vanities.

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