Monday Roll Call: HAPPINESS and OPTIMISM

Recently on my Truth Or Dare post, I had a few comments come in after I took a break that day from answering. One of them was about happiness. My friend Sam said, how do you keep yourself so upbeat and optimistic?

I could probably write a six paragraph post about it. But I'll keep it as succinct as possible.

I just really, really, really dislike negativity. Sometimes it's inevitable and I get that. Bad things happen, sad things happen, disasters and depression and horrible things occur. I'm not saying that all you have to to is "turn that frown upside down" and expect instantaneous happiness. At all. 

But I guess that I just choose during the vast majority of the day to focus on the blessings (and you don't have to be a religious person to reflect on your blessings). To put myself in others' shoes. To choose sweet over mean, to choose smiling over stoneface, to choose a compliment over complaining. I think the proclivity toward this thinking is a little nature but a lot of nurture. I truly believe it's the way my mom raised me but also just my DNA.

So for today's Roll Call, let's focus on happiness. I want to hear FROM YOU. What are one or two small things that you do (go ahead, pat yourself on the back!) to foster happiness and optimism? 

For me: I like to wave to and make small talk with our neighbors. I like to call store managers to report a stellar employee. If I pass by someone who looks happy and pretty, I make myself go out of my comfort zone and tell her so. 


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