Protection and Adoration



One of the questions I get asked most is about the transition from one to two babies. 

I am no pro, and thousands upon thousands of women transition from one baby to two So our family's experiences, while beautiful and ever-so-important, are not groundbreaking. I hope I'm not bursting your bubble. I think having a second baby sort of pierced my own MAMA BUBBLE in a very gentle and endearing way. A crucial way. 

"Will I love my second as much as I love my first?"

I struggled with this, and I was scared to have a second baby that I would constantly compare to Camille. I even wrote Camille an email right before Char was born so that I could express how much I loved her without it coming across as favoritism. It was the last time that I could say things like "You are my world." 

Of course you will love them both. They are your babies. And you will love them in different ways. 

With my first baby, it's more pride and awe. 
With my second baby, it's protection and adoration.

I think Charlotte is just the sweetest, most perfect little thing, and I want to keep her safe and sheltered. I find us hesitating on anything that makes it feel like she's growing up too fast. We want her to stay our eternal newborn. :)

I've just come off of a very wonderful family weekend where I saw glimpses of my two daughters that showed me how they will be at 5, at 15, at 25, at 50. I love these sneak previews. They are so wonderfully different from each other. We often say that Camille will be the daughter who wants to be dropped off with her girlfriends at the movie theater on a Friday night, and Charlotte will say "I just figured I'd go out to sushi with you, Mom and Dad."

I wonder what it's like for those of you who have added a second, third, fourth, fifth baby to your families. What words would you use to describe the love you have for your kids -- and how does it differ from child to child? 


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