Three New Beauty Products

As much as I am a creature of habit, I also like branching out and trying new beauty products. Often times I return to the tried and true (mascara), and other times I love constantly switching it up (shampoo). 

Recently I've tried three new items that I wanted to share here.

Beautycounter Nourishing set. My friend Alicia stuck a sample pack of this line in my mailbox recently. Last night I used all of the nighttime products (cleanser, exfoliant, eye cream, night cream) and this morning I will be using the day cream and eye cream. I am going to use this set for the next few days and report back on Friday with how I'm liking it. I will say that last night I was surprised at how smooth my skin felt after the exfoliating polish because it really is not a harsh, rough scrub like some of the others I've used. 

Added a new blush to the mix! I'm a diehard Bobbi Brown blush girl (in Pale Pink, natch) but I have also been using this Tarte blush in Paaarty to add a little depth. So I put it all over my cheeks and then just add a pop of the bright pink right at the apples of my cheeks. Paarty is also a nice color if I'm going a little more low-key with my overall makeup. 

Postpartum hair is no joke -- losing all of that hair made such a noticeable difference in the overall thickness of my hair. I did lop off 6" recently in order to boost the volume of my hair, and I also ordered this Jason Thin to Thick extra volume shampoo after reading all of the AWESOME and promising ratings. Everyone said that after 1-2 months of using it, they noticed a remarkable change. I order mine from Grove Collaborative, but you can also find it on Amazon.

Are there any products that you've been wanting to try out that you'd want me to review here?


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