Pool Construction Update

A Stroll Thru Life
We left off on 4/19 with the "Big Dig".  This was so fascinating to see.  Next step was for the pool supervisor to come check things out.  He measured the pool from every angle possible and decided that it was 3" too deep.  That's inches folks, but it wouldn't do.  You see, the plumbing guys would lay all the pipes at the depth specified on the plans and the rebar people would do the same and they would all be floating way up in the air.

 The city inspector wouldn't sign off on that, so back came the "dig" guys to fix it.
4/25 - They brought in a truck with some dirt and all the equipment again.

While one guy brought the dirt around to the back -

the guy with the backhoe scooped it up and put it in the pool.

They shoveled and tamped dirt all over and measured -

and measured again -

and again.  Finally it was decided it was perfect.

Just as soon as these guys finished, the plumbers came rolling in with tons of pipes and fittings.  They immediately started digging channels for their pipes.

 One guy took the plans and went around spraying orange dots everywhere one of the pop-ups for the In-floor Cleaning System  and the drain were going to be.

 In no time at all they had pipes running all over the place.

 You can see all the pop-ups capped off all over the bottom of the pool and on the bench and steps.

 This is the main drain.

 Pipes hooked up to the skimmer and the pump.

 That's a lot of pipes.  Next was to do a pressure test with the water turned on and see if we had any leaks. - - -- not a one, so we are good to go.

4/28 - Here come the Rebar guy.  This is a one man crew and he is fascinating to see.  Each
crew that has been here set up their radio first thing and turn on their music.  So far they have all listened to a Spanish station.  This guy is so fun to hear.  He sings along with every song and he's not bad.   It didn't take him long to haul all this steel around to the back yard and get busy.

 This is going really fast and he is measuring everything.  They all have a set of plans and they check them constantly and measure everything exactly.

The electrical guys came and ran all the power to the pump and installed the light and the rest of their stuff.

Can you believe this?  He has it completely formed in the shape of the pool and ready for the shotcrete.  That is kind of a cement/plaster kind of mix.  It goes on first and has to cure for quite a while, then the plaster "Pebble Sheen" goes goes on and they fill the pool immediately.

Then the Electrical guys showed up.  They are here to bring all the electrical from the front corner of the house to the pool pump and all the other equipment.  The big electrical panel is going up on the black wall of the fence.

The electrical panel is up and now they are going to hook up the light inside the pool.

This guy has a propane torch and he is heating up the pipe and when it is really soft, the other guy fishes it through all the rebar and connects it to the pool light.

All done, ready for the inspector and looking fabulous so far.

Another crew came and put the block wall back up, so now I need to paint it and we need to get the yard guy here to help put this area back together.  With all those trucks driving over thru here, this is really a mess.

We are looking good and the pool is coming along nicely.  The inspector from the city is supposed to come on Monday.  Won't be long now.

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