Back From Paradise (Married Six Years!)

Back to liiiiiiife, back to re-alll-i-tyyyy!

We returned late yesterday afternoon from a magical stay at Secrets Wild Orchid in Montego Bay. We stayed at a Secrets resort in Dominican Republic six years ago for our honeymoon and loved it. This trip was just amazing, wonderful from start to finish. 

Six years married -- what a good life we have. It's not always easy, it's not always social-media perfect, but we actually like each other. We LIKE each other (and we love each other, too). Vacations, I think, really help you to remember that. Chatting with newlyweds at the bar two days ago, she said "What's a piece of advice for us?" and I said "This. This right here. Vacation together."

You know that I took a ton of photos and will be sharing more about our trip soon!

As for now, we returned home to an ant infestation in our kitchen and a 5ft. long black garden snake who has taken up residence near one of our doors. Le sigh. Back to life, back to reality. 


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