Cleaning Delicate Fabric - This Chair Is Saved

A Stroll Thru Life
I love this wonderful frenchy chair that I found at Goodwill for $14.99 several years ago.  It had really been used and some of the fabric was in bad shape.  I reupholstered the little arm pieces and vacuumed the chair cushion really well and let it be.  The chair cushion was dirty, but I was planning on upholstering the whole chair (obviously that never happened), so I didn't do anything to the cushion.

Fast forward to the new house and I needed to use it to complete the seating arrangement in the new house.  Perfect but it was really, really dirty.  It was so gross I didn't take a closeup picture, but see the edge of that cushion.  You can tell it is really dirty.

With so much on my plate right now, reupholstering this chair is not at the top of my list and I really don't want to spend the $200 to have the upholsterer do it.  So while out shopping the other day I decided to try and find an upholstery cleaner that I thought would be gently enough to use on this silk moire fabric.  I saw this one and it said it was gentle on fabrics.  So Woolite it is.  Can't hurt anything I hope.

It's a foam cleaner that doesn't add a lot of water to the fabric.  You just shake it really well, spray a little on and then use the gentle brush to scrub it in.  Then wipe all the extra foam off with a slightly damp cloth.  I was totally amazed at how this chair came out.

Ok, I can live with this for a while.  I still want to reupholster it in a cream or off white fabric and replace the foam for the cushion, but for now it is fine.  I just need to get about a million other projects off my to-do list first.

To-Do List
Paint vanities in both Bathrooms
Make drapes for Family Room
Organize garage so both cars can go in
Set up work station in garage
Paint patio furniture
Paint patio beams and columns
Make drapes for Patio
Finalize landscaping plan around pool
Install pavers for BBQ area
Redo Headboard for Guest Bedroom
Make drapes & bed skirt for Guest Bedroom

If you need a gentle upholstery cleaner, this might be what you are looking for.

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