Dining Room Refresh

Brooklyn Limestone
Normally I like a big "pow" makeover.  I'm afraid this is more like a soft "piff" but I'm still pleased with how a few small, inexpensive changes made the room feel new again.

Pardon me for not setting the table for the shot.  I know that is what other bloggers do and I totally get it - it just feels a little empty without all the dishes laid out just so.  But I don't seem to have the free time I once had.  I wonder why? :)

Did you spot the new additions?  The sugar mold, chalkboard and curtains are all new.  I do want to eventually switch out the end chairs but I haven't found anything I just love yet (that will also stand the test of time with 2 little ones). I feel a little guilty replacing something perfectly functional but it has been 10 years so it feels time for something different. Any suggestions? I like having something a little different for the end seats.

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