More On That Mom Bathing Suit (And Books)

I love that so many of you got a kick out of the Mom bathing suit video I posted Friday (this one).

My mom even texted saying she'd watched it a few times. I wrote her back saying I wanted to be friends with those girls. I mean, really!

Well, now it's my turn to face the swimsuit dilemma. Ian and I have a little tropical getaway around the corner and I opened my overstuffed swimsuit drawer the other day. It was filled with a combination of mommy tankinis and pre-baby triangle tops. I need the good stuff in the middle. The stuff where I feel covered yet pretty, held in yet not busting over the edges of the suit like a baked golden popover.

I'm officially done nursing Charlotte now, and let's just say that if I turn to the side, it's not the prettiest. My tummy tends to stick out further than anything else (HA!). Awesome. So I need a suit that gives some lift/support at top and has some sucking-in power with the bottoms.

I ordered a new bikini (HERE) on Amazon this morning but am 97% sure it won't look awesome on me. For that three percent chance and free shipping/returns, I decided to give it a go. I checked out the real-life pics of some of the commenters and it's somewhat giving me hope. And it's inexpensive.

Tempt Me Women Two Pieces Clear Sexy Floral Print Crop Ru...

I'm nervous that the off-the-shoulder feel will drive me nuts, but it's not like I'm going to be water skiing in it, I just need something fun for laying poolside and sipping on a cocktail. I think the ruffle will give a nice optical illusion of a good shape. 

In non-bathingsuit news, any book recs? My girlfriend who reads a TON is sending me some suggestions. One that she recommended to me yesterday is The Couple Next Door. Anyone read it?

So, book recs and bikini recs. Hit me up below! GO!


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