My Top 3 Daily Mom Goals

Every day, I am learning that success in parenting is about setting small goals.

is way more difficult to teach on a daily basis than

Recently I had two cups of strong coffee and a naptime long enough to consider what three daily goals I wanted to set for myself to be a good, hands-on mom.

So, normally I'd start with the easiest, but they are all a combination of easy AND hard. Easy in concept, and maybe a little hard to remember in the moment. 

Here we go:

// ONE //
Get down on the floor.

These kiddos are little. Imagine a life where everyone was towering over you, telling you what to do and when to do it and how to do it. Every day, I try to make a point to get down on the floor and do things with the girls. Sit "criss cross applesauce" and talk to them, read to them. Roll around with them. Crawl after them like I'm a baby. Discipline my toddler at eye-level, holding her in my lap. Play doctor, laying down on the rug! Just at least once daily.

// TWO //
Right when you feel "no" coming out of your mouth, say "yes". 

Can we read the book again before nap? "n------YES."
Can I have one more hug before bed? (fave stalling technique) "n------YES."
Can we play doctor again? "n------YES."
Can you play dolls with me? "n------YES."
Can I play with playdoh? "n------YES."

In the grand scheme of things, saying yes won't mean that much to me but it will mean the world to my daughters. 

// THREE // favorite...

Like literally, just be goofy. Serve their dinner in a fancy British waitress accent. Pretend like they are the mommy/daddy and you are the crying baby. Play hide and seek around the house, and actually cram your body underneath the computer desk and make silly sounds to get their attention. Make up bathroom word songs with them, and sing them in the bathroom ... "tinkle, tinkle, little potty" and the likes. Be a goofy monster who's afraid of the dark. Try to fit their tiny shoes on your feet. Turn their bath water blue with bath fizzies and spike their hair up into shark fins. Dye their scrambled eggs pink. The possibilities are endless, but they all will be SO fun.

That's it. I keep it to three because that's easy for me to remember on a daily basis. This isn't a list I concocted for the blog. This is an ACTUAL mental checklist I go through daily. If I have a day I do all three, then I consider it a good day. Sometimes that's easier than others :)

I would love to hear from you ... what are your daily mom goals?
Are you tempted to put any of these in action?


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