Office Makeover Color Dilemma

Brooklyn Limestone
My office used to be one of my very favorite spaces.  Clean and serene and just for me.  But with the additional of 2 extra people, the places where I would store my supplies got taken over by clothes and diapers and toys.  So my little office has become a dumping ground and just not a fun place to be.

rug | shelving

Which gives me perfect license for a makeover. I want to use some of the art I have laying around unhung as well as create plenty of open storage for my other treasures that don't have a good home.  I also plan on using crates and boxes to hide some of the clutter as well.

This was the before we got there and here is what it looks like now.

I think i'll keep my current desk just b/c it does the job but mostly because I haven't found a replacement I really love yet.  When I do, I'll pounce.

My big dilemma is wall color. I've really enjoyed the bright color that has been in this space up until now but since I'm changing it up, I think a new color is in order.  A pale grey was my first instinct but it's a bit boring.  I love black rooms so I've considered that but I'm resisting for this room.  I get good enough light to do all white but again, I'm not loving it.  I'd love to do a greyed down green ala Laduree but I don' think it works with my furniture. Usually I have a color idea right away but this has been holding up the whole works.  Any suggestions?

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