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Seems like things are at the moving slow stage of building a pool.  We left off with the shotcrete being sprayed and formed in the pool.  You can see that here.  That needed to cure for a week and then we were waiting all last week on the deck guys.  Finally we are making progress again.

5/22 - Getting the forms set to pour the concrete for the Kool-Deck.  I am loving the large extension to the patio this creates.

They started out by removing all the forms around the outside of the pool.  These are the ones they added when they were doing the shotcrete so they could get the outside edge perfect.

 Then back to measuring again.  They used a hose as a water level and marked all the way around the pool so they could put their forms exactly level.  They have to make sure all the water from splashing and rain drains away from the pool.

 Part of the buys were starting to stake the forms for the decking around the pool.

 It's always like a bunch of ants, guys working everywhere.

 They are almost done, forms set and ready for the concrete pour.

 I am going to love this huge extension to the patio.

You can see how you will step straight from the patio to the Kool-deck area.  I'm going to have plenty of room for a table and chairs and a couple of lounges if I want.

5/24 - A wonderful cement truck pulled up and a crew of 5 men shows up too.  Time to pour the concrete for the pool decking.

These guys had an assembly line going with the two wheel barrows, loading them up and then coming around to the back and dumping them.

They start leveling out the concrete just as soon as they got a load poured in.

Then another guy starts to smooth it all out.

All the forms are full and smoothed out on top.

They snapped a string to mark off where they were going to make the grid break points in the slab.

 This guy was amazing to watch.  He had a trowel that he was a master at working and 4 pole extensions that he could add or subtract the reach across the whole pool

All the grid break lines carved into the cement.  Then just as soon as they get the cement smoothed out, they start taking the forms off inside and outside.

 Then one of the guys gives it a light sweeping for texture.  Not enough to leave lines in the cement, just a fine sweeping and texture.

 The rest of the forms are taken off on the inside of the pool.  Those white boards were there to hold the concrete until it dried enough to hold it's own shape.  The pool decorative tiles will go right under that lip that the boards created.

 Totally done, now you can see how the pool deck is going to work with the yard landscaping.  Plenty of room for a table and chairs and even a couple of lounges.  Next to the patio you see the drain bar that was installed.  The concrete is poured with a slant so the patio and the decking both drain towards the drain bar.

 This has to cure for a couple of day, then the tile guys come to add the tile around the top edge of the pool, then the Acrylic Lace is applied to all the decking.   It is a beige color  and this product is what makes the deck cool to walk on.  A clean up crew will also be here this next week to clean up all the debris left behind.

After that, the final inspection, the Pebble Tec interior plaster coating and then filling it up.  I can't wait, this is so exciting.

Now we really, really need that landscaper to get here to install the lighting, drip system and haul in a ton of top soil and gravel to cover up the dirt.  We will be swimming soon.

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