Breakfast Hack

For some of you, this might be a seriously l-a-m-e post, and others of you might find it to be an idea you want to try. So this is one of those 50/50 posts. Let's talk about oatmeal.

(see, we just lost a few there)

The girls really like oatmeal in the mornings and I keep it easy with quick prep oatmeal that I can make in the microwave. Camille's favorite is the apple & cinnamon flavor. Char loves every kind of food so she's cool with that too. But I just didn't feel right about giving Charlotte the full sugar instant oatmeal. 

SO, I mix equal parts of unflavored, unsweetened rolled oats along with the apple & cinnamon packet, mix in water, and heat for a minute. Done! Split between two bowls. 

It cuts the sugar in half, and the girls are none the wiser. 

My little monkeys eat a banana every single morning ... we are keeping Chiquita rolling over here. 

So, while I know the BEST case scenario would be to have them eating some sort of steel-cut oats with flax and chia mixed in, I'll take this as a win for now because a serving for them now has 50% less sugar. It's the small victories, folks. 

Zero grams sugar on the left, 12 grams sugar on the right, so their bowls each contain 6g of sugar. 

I promise tomorrow I'll post about skinny white jeans or mascara or something. :)


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