Thursday Random Facts FUN

If you saw my post yesterday, you understand the post title :)

Sooo, random facts and life updates. I love reading these on other blogs!

A girlfriend finished The Sound Of Gravel and passed it on to me. It's currently on my nightstand. I need to start reading it soon. Wonder if I need another vacation to make that happen! Ha! I love memoirs. One of my favorites I have read in the past few years was The Glass Castle.

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We are still loving egg roll bowls for dinner. I cook this about once every two weeks. I grab some ground pork, the bagged slaw mix with carrots and red cabbage added, and we are all set. I try to keep some ginger in the fridge, I always have garlic on hand, and sesame oil and soy sauce are staples in our pantry. I use THIS recipe. A great dinner, too, for folks like us that try to limit refined carbs at dinner. But, if you're not, serve it over rice!

To be honest, I haven't watched a lot of television recently. I wish that Big Little Lies hadn't ended. I like Southern Charm, who else is following Cameran on Instagram? Anyone know if she's on Snapchat? I only watch a show (or part of a show) these days if I have laundry to fold. It helps sock sorting to be less horrible. Ian and I still love watching Dateline together on the weekends!

I've been back on a red wine kick. Strange for me in the warm weather.

Also -- I have to share a guilty pleasure with you. It's the $9.99 wine cube from ... Walgreens. It's called Itso and I know there are plenty of wine aficionados who may turn up their nose to it, but I like it. I have tried the pinot grigio and it's a nice easy summer white.

Itso Wine Pinot Grigio

Okay, girls are done with breakfast and I am going to package up four more LipSense shipments! Camille loves helping me by putting the packages in the mailbox and lifting the flag. If you get a package in the mail from me, chances are she was the one to send it your way! :) 

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