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We are at the very last details of the pool and these seem to be all the things that have to sit and cure for a while before the next step.  I thought we would be swimming by this weekend, but NOT.  The finishing details seem to take the most time.

We left off on 5/22 with them pouring the deck.  I love how much room we will have for entertaining.  This had to cure for several days, so no work could be done.

5/26 - We got tile!!!  Two guys showed up on Friday before the holiday and in about 2 hours, we had tile.  One guy mixed up a bunch of cement and the other one started brushing down the edge of the pool.

 A layer of cement went on in a hurry -

 then tile seemed to go on just as fast.

 I really like the color.  Soft aqua and sand colors.

 This didn't set for too long and they were grouting.

 Then one washed the grout off and one came right back and buffed it with a cloth. - Done

Since we had the holiday, nothing was done so we were sitting and waiting again.

5/30 - Here comes the clean-up crew.  Boy did this place really need it.  We have bits of concrete and debris all over the place and the dirt has been heaped into piles in all kinds of areas too.

This crew got busy busting up all the concrete that was dumped on the dirt from the concrete guys.  They also had tons of other debris to clean up.

 Then they started raking and cleaning up the small stuff.

 You wouldn't have believed how much debris all these other crews dumped into the bottom of the pool.  These guys had to scrape every inch of the pool with a shovel to get bits and pieces of cement, mortar and grout up, plus just plain ole' trash.

 Scooping up all the debris to haul it out.

 Then they turned on the water and started washing it down.

 They used a pump to pump out the dirty water at the bottom of the pool

When they were done, the inside was nice and clean - - -

and so was the surrounding area of the yard.  Boy, what a difference.  I am so glad to see some of that mess gone.  No landscaping, but this looks pretty to me.

 Right after they finished, the guy came to set the valves for the infloor cleaning system.  The actual popups will be installed when the pool is filled.

Lots of popups to keep the pool nice and clean.

6/1 Here is the crew to do the Acrylic Lace finish on the decking.  This is the coating that makes the concrete cool so you can comfortably walk on it.  There were a lot more steps to this than I thought.

One guy is rolling out a huge sheet of plastic.  They are going to tape off the entire inside of the pool.  Another one is getting ready to cover a hair line crack in the cement.

 Crack is sealed

 This guy is sawing the lines again in the concrete.

Pool is lined.  Everything is covered under the concrete edging.

The patio and post is taped off -

 and the texture coating begins.  They spray all the edges first.

then they do the top

 Immediately this guy wearing cleats starts to smooth down the texture.  This guy goes over the entire decking by hand.  Can you imagine bending over like that and working all day?

 This is what the texture looks like when he is finished.

 now they set up a big blower to dry it.

 next more scraping to make sure no lumps anywhere

 then sweeping to make sure everything is clean

 Now he is spraying the final color coat on.

 when the color coat is all done, this one guy takes down the plastic and rolls it into one big ball.

 all done and it is gorgeous.   We chose the color of the decking to go with the color of the travertine tile that we will be using to cover the existing patio area.

This has to sit & cure for at least 3 days, then we can do the final steps.  Monday or Tuesday we are scheduled for the inside plaster, then the next day acid wash and start filling the pool.

We really, really are almost done.

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