Who Get Sick In Summer?

Summer sickness is the werrrrrrrst.

All I wanted to do this weekend was enjoy the outdoors with my family, feel great, go to the new pool we joined, splurge on some junk food and sauv blanc and sunshine.

- ALAS -
I have no voice, I've been coughing and sniffling and I just feel like ... yuckiness.
The girls also had to miss two birthday parties (did I mention Camille woke up Saturday with pink eye?!)

Oh, and the 5' long snake is back. Yes, I know he's harmless and yes I know black snakes are good and no we aren't going to kill him. Still don't want him hiding in my garage walls around the doorway, which is where he skittered off to.

So, off to the Minute Clinic I go as I sip my hot tea.

I'll be back here tomorrow, hopefully with an actual voice and something fun to say. :)


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