Living / Dining Room Makeover

Brooklyn Limestone

This builder grade living and dining room gets a stylish makeover with some key decorative changes.

It will not surprise you that I absolutely love to help friend's decorate their homes.  All the fun and none of the expense - what could be finer?  I can be a little bit ruthless in my quest to get rid of the less desirable but it's all for the greater design good.  So when a friend moved into her less than 20 year old home, naturally I had lots of suggestions.

Let's start with the before photos:

While I couldn't convince her to do anything drastic (I was really pulling for a black dining room but she wouldn't go for it), I think the change is pretty dramatic.  Just goes to show you how much the right furniture arrangement can change the look and feel of a room.

The fireplace surround was a pretty garish green marble but the cost to replace it would have been considerable so instead she painted it using a dark grey chalk paint.  I wasn't sure if was going to work but it looks amazing! The chalk paint's flat finish mimics a dark stone perfectly -  you would never guess it was painted marble.

Despite not having the right spot for that lovely bar cart, I can enjoy it vicariously through her dining room.  And she scored huge by finding the table and sidechairs on super sale at a furniture outlet.

I love how clean and updated it feels even though there was no construction required (the joys of a newish home!) What do you think of the before and after?

Both rooms are painted in Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter. Links to the specific or similar items found in the rooms can be found below.


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