Good Monday morning! 

I am glad to be back to blogging again after being on family last week! As I mentioned Friday, right as I lugged my computer, mouse, mouse pad, and charge cord down to the lake, it would not start up… completely dead battery. I Primed one to the lakehouse and it was the wrong size. Close but no cigar. 

We returned home Saturday from the lake and I had the correct battery size shipped to me, only to realize that I accidentally left my laptop charger cord down at the lake. Whooo lawdy. 

So, I am coming to you today from my handy-dandy Blogger app on my phone, because I did want to check in and share a few details about what's happening in our lives!

  • First of all, I am getting really excited about the big eclipse happening soon! I picked up some NASA-approved glasses yesterday and still want to do a little bit more research on it so that I fully appreciate this amazing natural phenomenon. 
  • Secondly, I have maintained my goal of being more active by going to the gym! I got zero exercise last week outside of chasing the girls, but I am ready to get back at it this week. We are going to the gym today and what has kept me motivated is finding some videos on my phone that I like to watch while I am on the treadmill. Music isn't enough for me ... I need to fully zone out!
  • I am planning a post when my computer is back up and running about breakfast ideas. I need a serious extreme makeover on my breakfast routine. I've always woken up so hungry and ready for a "carby" breakfast like a bowl of cereal or overnight oats, but for some reason these days I have just not been craving that at all. But I am also not and eggs/sausage type person. Recently I have just had a cup of coffee or two for breakfast which I know is not a healthy choice! It is not enough calories and it won't keep me sustained or give me energy.
  • Charlotte (16mo today) is getting closer and closer to walking! She is such a comfort zone baby and really only loves walking when she is holding both of my fingers. But recently I have been working every single day with her to build her confidence in walking while just holding one of my fingers, or standing up by herself while leaning back against my shin/knee. Camille walked much earlier so sometimes it is a little hard to not put pressure on myself of trying to get her to walk sooner than later. But she is on her own path and she is doing great!

OK, here's hoping I will be powered back up soon, hope your week is off to a great start!


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