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Good Friday morning! Yet another week of almost zero blogging and no traditional Five on Friday link up. I am so sorry and I miss checking in here!

What I thought was a battery issue with my computer is actually a MOTHERBOARD issue, so that's awesome. My 1.5 year old laptop will be completely replaced today and luckily they think there should be no problem getting all of my important information off of my old laptop.

It has just thrown me for a loop because it makes blogging really hard, it makes tracking my LipSense sales a little more difficult, and frankly it is just expensive. 

Insult to injury, we also found out yesterday that we have extensive water damage in our home that needs professional remediation. Loud, rumbling machines in our home for the next three days, and then only after that can we begin the process of cutting out drywall, replacing it, repainting it. The one great thing is that we seemingly have no damage to our beautiful hardwood floors!

So, between all of that and the bathroom remodel that will not quit, and super expensive ceiling damages to a rental property we have in Charleston, and an unrelated ceiling leak in our kitchen that was apparently dripping toilet water on our countertop… anyone got a mimosa for me?!

I am staying positive and trying to appreciate the small things, because they are THERE!

While blogging has taken a backseat, please look out for updates on my Instagram page! I will also be posting Instastories. 



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