Oscar Turns One | First Birthday Luau

Brooklyn Limestone
Oscar is now a full fledged one year old boy.  On one hand that seems impossible, wasn't I just writing this post? Weren't we just decorating his nursery? Wasn't I just sending these birth announcements? On the other, this year has been soooo long in many respects.  Juggling two kids and a full time job (along with this blog I do in my "spare time") has been hard.  I knew it was going to be hard and I am so lucky in so many ways so I don't want this to read as a whine.  I'm just a tiny bit more tired than I used to be. (How do you moms with 6 kids do it?  Seriously HOW!?)  I'm trying to adjust to letting certain things go and just trying to enjoy all of the joys of this life right now but that is hard for me.  It's a battle of my inner nature versus my common sense. Which is stronger?

So when Oscar's birthday was approaching, we wanted to do something to celebrate but not make it too nuts.  His August birthday seemed to jive perfectly with a Luau themed celebration so that's what we did.  ( I know, I know. You are seeing pumpkins and sweaters on every other blog right now but come on - its still August!)

We made this tiki bar along with a giant vat of pineapple punch (which was a huge hit!), put up the tackiest decorations known to man, ordered an amazing tiki themed cake, and had someone play the ukulele.  I think the party was a hit and everyone had a lot of fun so I'm glad we did it - if nothing more than to mark the next phase of our lives as we transition out of baby things and into bigger adventures.  Who else needs a nap?

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