Our Master Bathroom Reno: The Finish Line?

So ... could we be approaching the finish line of this master bathroom reno?!

Maybe so. Phew. We started July 3 with demo, so it's been a process!

Painting was done yesterday (we chose Benjamin Moore Stonington Gray) and minus some final touches -- mirrors installed, door hardware changed out -- I just have a LOT of cleaning to do!

I've sort of challenged myself to clean it top to bottom, including our bedroom which took on a significant amount of dust from the project, TODAY. And ya know, keep two kids alive and thriving simultaneously. Wowza. 

Here's what's on my task list! Think I can handle it today?

PS, good gracious door handles are expensive! I need 2 locking ones, 3 non-locking ones, and 2 dummy handles. I found some on Amazon but they are nearly $20/ea!

from http://ift.tt/2w11HVi

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