A Princess Brunch

Sunday was a really special day for Miss Camille because we had some very special mama/daughter time!

The club we joined this summer has been so impressive as far as their childrens' programs go. Lots and lots of emphasis on family get-togethers. When we joined, they already had this princess and superhero brunch in the works and I knew Camille would be all about it. 

Ian recently bought Camille this Snow White dress and I'm not kidding when I say the Snow White obsession these days is REAL. 

If you're aware of the scene at the end where she holds Dopey by both ears and softly pulls his head in and kisses him on top of his head, she does that with Charlotte. I'm not kidding. It's the cutest thing ever. 

They had a buffet brunch which was great because we were able to sit down and then eat quickly! I told Camille she could have anything she wanted to drink and she said "Mmmm... Diet Coke."

Yeah right, sister.

But she did get a lemonade and I didn't even instruct them to water it down. :) 

Belle, Ariel and Captain America were all SO kind and spent so much time with the kids! I got the information from the company if anyone is looking for some special attendants for a birthday party or get-together ... it's Enchanted Entertainment

Having these one-on-one times has been so special for us since a lot of my attention naturally goes towards Charlotte, being the younger one and less independent. So spoiling my oldest rotten for an afternoon was incredibly amazing for both of us. Camille was on her very best behavior and just had the time of her life! 

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