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I was talking to my girlfriend Audrey the other day and she had no idea what ThredUp was, and I was like WUT. GIRL. Get on it. 

If you like saving a buck like me, it's the greatest place to scout out pre-owned clothes and accessories for a fraction of the original cost. And if your item doesn't fit, you can return it for free for store credit.

So this morning I'm coming to you to show a little sampling of my favorite items on their site in four sizes -- XS, S, M, and L. The prices are all so, so good, and it's a great way to beef up your transitional/fall wardrobe without breaking the bank.

(New customers: you may use this referral code for $10 off your first order)

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Okay, so for all of you XS ladies, here are six faves!

I just love that floral feminine top from Anthro! And at less than $12!

Moving on to the smalls, please someone snag that sequin cardi because I just can imagine how smart it would look over a white button-up and flare jeans. 

My medium gals ... a ruffle blouse is something I just can't quit. And I read once that the peachy pink color in that BR blouse is one of those universally flattering colors that works with all skintones and hair colors. 

And for those in large, the gingham button-down is so precious! Imagine it tucked into a pencil skirt with heels or with white cut-offs. So transitional. And the $11 animal print blouse, love so much!

So happy shopping and let's all raise a tall Pumpkin Spice Latte to the onset of fall (which is next Friday the 22nd, if you're curious)!


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