Pinkness And Blueness


Monday, Monday ... beating the Monday blues with a funny little life quip for you today.

So, Camille has turned into quite the literal namer when it comes to babies and dolls. We have Pink Baby, Brown Baby, you get the drift. It's cute.

Well, recently she received two little play mermaids from my mother-in-law -- one with a hot pink tail and hot pink hair, one with electric blue hair and the matching blue tail. 

My MIL Marsha said "So Camille, have you thought of a name yet for your pink mermaid?"

And with zero hesitation she yelled out "PINKNESSSSS!" except the "k" sound was really, really silent. Really silent.

My head and my MIL's head whipped right around and our eyes were the size of saucers, and then finally Camille said "... and this other one is named BLUENESS." 

Whew. Whew, whew, whew.
Pinkness and Blueness. 

And then about a week later a girlfriend was over and the exact same scenario happened, and luckily then I was able to explain immediately that it was NOT a male anatomy reference. 

These little ones, they keep us on our toes -- am I right?

So, coffee cups up, cheers to a great week, and Happy Monday y'all!


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