Eternal Rest Hotel Key Fobs | Halloween Invitations

Brooklyn Limestone
With Halloween on a Tuesday (boo!) and all of us having school/work the following day, we are toning down this year's party quite a bit. Think candy crazed kids running around my living room and you'll have a good idea. But I couldn't resist sending a proper invitation just the same.

Since this year's theme was a haunted hotel, we sent out skeleton keys with a custom hotel style key fob and key folio. Party details are printed on the reverse side.

I had the key fobs printed online using my design and I made the folios on my home printer and stuffed the whole thing into a kraft paper button & string envelope with a little Spanish moss for effect. 

I'm not sure quite sure how it measures up to prior years but I'm happy they are in the mail.  Which ones were your favorites?

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