Life Reflection + New Mama Meal

I've been realizing recently that...

less is more.

(You're probably thinking "yeah, yeah, like BLOGGING, right April?!) It's no doubt that my blogging has been spottier than normal, but I've sort of been burning the wick at both ends and something has to give. 

ALAS. I'm back today and I'll be back tomorrow and Friday, and today I am sharing a "less is more" meal for a new parent that I dropped off to a girlfriend last week.

Backstory: I used to be a lot more traditional with meals for parents of newborns. Everything had to be organized through a meal delivery service like Take Them A Meal, it had to be a full-on hearty meal that could basically serve a small army. But that equals a TON of prep work, and the new parents are typically freezing so much because of all the food that can be dumped on them. I'm NOT saying it's not appreciated ... but sometimes that huge aluminum pan of stuffed shells is just more than anyone should have to deal with. 

So I've simplified it all and tried to keep the meals simpler and easier for everyone!

Last week I took Kristen a pancetta, mozzarella and onion quiche (I use THIS recipe each and every time), some freshly cut fruit, warm chocolate chip cookies, and an organic chia drink. 

I like taking a quiche to new parents because it can work for breakfast, lunch OR dinner!

And freshly cut fruit is so nice to have on hand, especially when you have had your fill of heavier meals and are craving something a little healthier. Of course the cookies are there to balance out that wacky healthy craving. 

Other add-ons that are my favorites: 1) tossed salad with homemade vinaigrette on the side, 2) cheese and crackers, 3) hummus with carrot sticks, celery, and red pepper strips. 

So while it may not be completely newsworthy, I did want to share a simple meal I like bringing a new parent, because I know sometimes we all need some fresh new ideas. And taking care of newborn parents is ALWAYS a swell idea!

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I'd love to hear from you. Comment below with some of the meals you loved receiving when you had a baby, a procedure/surgery, or just needed a little TLC from your loved ones!


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