The SC State Fair

Last Tuesday, Charlotte and I picked Camille up from preschool and headed 90 minutes down to Columbia, SC (scooping up my parents on the way -- we had a full car!) and made our way to the bright lights and fried food at the state fair.

As a kid, we ALWAYS went to the fair together every single fall. It was a nice family time and we graduated from riding the merry-go-round to riding the "cool" rides that blasted C&C Music Factory and En Vogue. 

This trip was so fulfilling for me to see my own girls on the rides but even more heartwarming for my parents to sort of do it all over again. Even on the way home, when we went person by person to hear their highlight reel, my manly, non-emotional dad said his number one highlight was "seeing the girls have fun." //heart melted.//

If you haven't had a cup of Fiske fries covered in vinegar, you're not living. 

Mom always enters her creations into the fair and this year she entered six items, winning a blue ribbon for ALL six entries! The "crazy quilt" velvet stocking in this photo is one of the entries. 

Camille was fearless on the rides and even chose the BIG ferris wheel (with me!) as her last ride of the evening. 

The girls earned their special late bedtime and we crashed shortly thereafter. It was an awesome trip and we can't wait to return next year!


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