Toddler Rave

Walking into Frozen On Ice this past Sunday, my neighbor Rachel said, "You know these things are like toddler raves."


Three, four, five year olds losing their ever-loving minds, glow sticks everywhere, loud pumping music, dancing in the aisles and stairways, pauses for rehydration, light-up wands and fairy tiaras, and just overindulgence. 

Overindulgence of Elsa and Anna and Hans and Kristoff and Olaf, this time around. 

And we loved every. single. second.

I took just my big girl for a special afternoon date. 

This sweet Anna costume was a pass-down from a sweet friend. Well, I traded her a hairbow for it. :) My favorite way to "shop"! The old school barter system!

We scanned in our tickets, my keychain mace was confiscated (WHOOPS), and in we went! Our amazing neighbors were there -- we all purchased seats near each other. 

The smartest thing my friend Rachel did was buy THIS WAND from Amazon for all of our girls. They are $9 which is more than a THIRD of the wands selling there! YES, thirty stinking dollars for a cheap plastic wand that will inevitably end up at the bottom of one of our multiple toy bins. 

The quality of the Amazon wand is pretty much what you'd expect, but Camille thought it was the most magical thing ever. EVER! Hellooooo, stocking stuffer idea for you mamas out there!

I do have to admit that I teared up at several parts of the show. The cast was great and just seeing the magical snowy scenes through Camille's eyes was totally worth the $21.00 I paid shortly thereafter for event parking. Ha. 

If you can get to one of these shows, DO. It's magical. Just get the wand beforehand. ;) Oh, and leave that keychain mace at home. 


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