Baby's First Year Book | Oscar

Brooklyn Limestone
You know how everyone has their "things"?  Well one of my "things" is that I don't want Oscar to think he got the short end of the stick being a second child. ( Even though we all know that he is definitely getting a more tired and crazed mother than his older sister got!)  To that end, it was super important to me that I finish a real baby book for him.  I did one for Aggie and despite it taking FOREVER, I finally got it done for Oscar as well.

I know it's a small thing but you have no idea how excited I was to cross this off the to-do list I've had all year long.  Granted, I'm way behind on my usual annual photo book (hello 2016, I'm coming for you just as soon as the holidays are over).  Here are some of the highlights...

Or if you really want to see the entire baby book, here you go.

I realize he won't have any appreciation for this in the near future but one day when he is older he might know how much his mother was worried about him feeling second best.  That has to count for something right?

Ok moms of more than one.  Am I crazy?  Or do you do this stuff too?


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