Halloween 2017!

Halloween is such a loved holiday around these parts, and with the girls getting a wee bit older, it was even more enjoyable. Camille flip-flops between loving alllllll things spooky ("Hey Mom, why do zombies have blood on them?") and being positively terrified of the very fake-looking ghost that we had hanging outside our front walkway. 

Charlotte's just along for the ride. :)

So after nap on Halloween, we did a little pumpkin carving! Ian was still at work but my mom was in town which was really nice. 

Our kitty-cat pumpkin gets a B- but we were a little under the gun and pressed for time! Camille still thought it was magical and was so interested when I put the lit candle inside. 

Then it was time to get costumes on and make our way over to a neighbor's house for some fun together before the sun went down.

The girls looked adorable -- Charlotte wore the same unicorn costume that Camille wore two years ago (you can see here HERE) and was just so content taking everything in. Camille wanted to be a mermaid and I'm proud to say I made her costume! It cost me no more than a dollar or two. I bought some felt, used grosgrain that I already had, and accented it with sparkly paint! We already owned the princess crown so I just added the seashell on top with hot glue. 


Trick or treating at our own home!

Charlotte didn't collect any candy, but our favorite babysitter did give her a chocolate-covered pretzel stick, and I let her gnaw on it in the wagon. Only when we got home in the light did I see what a chocolatey mess I had on my hands! 

We did find that one magical home that was giving away full-sized Skittle packs. You know, there's always that ONE house! Am I right?!

Now if only I knew where that pack disappeared to..... (wink wink)

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