Slow Christmas Decorating

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This year we are decking the halls much more slowly than year's past. (I'm calling it a slow decorating movement!) Mostly because we have an active one year old that likes to sneak away and pull down whatever off limits new decor item mommy has just put up. When we only had one child, this wasn't really an issue. With two it's a whole different kind of problem. But we are making merry in small doses. I plan on doing more as well but I like to pretend I live in the moment and will hold off on a Christmas bonanza until at least December 1. Deal?

frosted alpine tree | carved wood tree stand | gold wood bead garland | let it snow banner | console table | brass mirror

Until then I did want to share a few little corners of Christmas that are popping up. Starting with this frosted alpine tree and carved wood stand from Balsam Hill. I'm in love with it's sweet simplicity. I'm planning on moving it to another room when we put the big tree up for now it's the perfect accent in this corner. The tree is super light and the base is super heavy - making it a perfect foil for toddler pull down experiments. I found this ice skating painting at a yard sale a few weeks ago. I was so excited about that I didn't even bother to try to negotiate - I knew it would be just the thing for holiday decor this year.

Another thing I'm absolutely obsessed with this holiday season (I shouldn't even say holiday because I've been using them in different configurations since they arrived early November) are these miracle flameless candles.  It's hard to tell in a still photo but check out the video I posted on my instagram a few weeks back.  They look like the real deal and are 100% idiot proof.  They cast a beautiful glow.
Miracle Flame LED candles | Greenery Branches | Frosted Pine Cones | Chalkboard | Magnetic Letters | Drapes | Deer Head Magnet | Dining Chairs

Who is with me on the slow decorating? I'm not quite ready to rush through to Christmas just yet but I do love the holiday spirit.  This weekend we had a great family meal, visited Santa (complete with crying baby captured on film), got started on Christmas cards and starting gift shopping at some local Brooklyn makers.  A great start to the holiday for us.  How do you feel about slowing it down?


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