A Big Baby Blue THANK YOU

Oh my dear gracious, thank all of you SO much for your excitement over our growing family! It truly is such fun news, I mean ... overwhelming! Three kiddos 4 and under! But really darn wonderful and a true blessing in every sense of the word.

Camille is telling her age here, but I feel like it's an accurate representation of how I want to walk around as well!

SO, I'm due mid-June, feeling really great. So far it's been just like my other pregnancies -- feeling great minus a little bit of exhaustion, and I get out of breath pretty easily (like climbing the stairs, which is crazy). My tummy is already pretty large as you've maybe seen on Instagram, but I sort of love dressing a pregnant belly. Maybe it's just not having to suck in for 9 months that has such an appeal to me. 

I lost weight at the beginning like I did with Camille and Charlotte, but am pretty much back to my normal weight now, 14 weeks in. I'm probably eating more than I typically would, BUT since I had gestational diabetes with Charlotte (and likely will this time around, too) I am definitely trying to keep my diet in check and balance carbs with proteins. I am tempted to eat like a college kid for breakfast and lunch, but typically by dinnertime I'm "EHHH" and don't feel like cooking or eating anything. But ... I do ... or else I will feel sick and maybe even get sick. That's the only main difference this time around -- I never vomited with the girls but have done so a few times this pregnancy. 

We are going to eventually transition the girls into the same room and put baby boy in his own bedroom. Charlotte's current room. It's a lovely shade of light coral-pink now so it will need a new coat of paint and some boy touches here and there. Nothing crazy, just sweet and innocent boy style is sort of what I'm hoping for. 

We don't have a name. Not even close! Ian thinks all of the names I love are cheesy frat-boy names (eye roll). The names he likes are ... SO random. 

I know several of you that read here have children that are in middle school, high school, college, or maybe even be parents themselves now, and many of you have reached out saying that you love reading our family anecdotes (the good, the bad, and the ugly department store tantrums) because it takes you back. And I love hearing that. So I will keep sharing little tid-bits of our daily lives ... even the not-so-pretty but very realistic parts ... because we all enjoy a trip down memory lane from time to time. And just as you are thinking "Man, now that the kids are grown, I'd do anything to have them back at home!" then you can read a story about me being up six times in the middle of the night and not showering for two full days and think ... "mmm -- I'm good." 

Funny how that happens, right?!

Thank you again for your sweet words -- I still owe two of you a personal email reply back, but didn't want to rush through it -- and for the big virtual hug I felt from every single one of you! 

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