Christmas Cards -- Check, Check, Check!

Hey y'all! I have ordered my Christmas cards! HALLELUJAH!

I PAID for them this year. Haha ... let me explain. For the past several years, I've always partnered with a stationery company for Christmas cards. And I've gotten them 100% free. It's awesome. Whatever card I wanted, gold foil, scalloped edges, printed return addresses on the envelopes, you name it! But here are the stipulations: 1) you have to be on the ball, get your family photos done super early, select/design/order your cards early, address and mail them early, so you can do your sponsored post early enough to still drive holiday card traffic to the company for card orders! Then you make your post, submit it for approval, publish it, and if you're really a great blogger, you'll write your company contact again with a link to the post, tell them how it was received (pageviews, comments, interacton, social media touts, etc), thank them profusely and say you'd love to collaborate again for upcoming events.

WELL let's just call a spade a spade. Ain't nobody got time. Or at least, not ME. Not this year. I decided it was well worth my own money to just remove all of that stress from myself and just order the dang things like normal people do.

I read so many great reviews about the quality of the Staples holiday card deal on Groupon and decided to give it a shot. For $25 I ordered 100 cards, paid $15 additional to have them printed on premium cardstock, mailed to my home, EXPEDITED, and come with printed return addresses on the back of the envelopes.

Selecting the card design was the hardest part because Staples shockingly had some really adorable designs! And we had really GREAT photos that we had taken recently using my friend Katlyn again, so that part was easy. These photos are adorable but aren't any of the ones that will be on our card. Although now I'm looking at the one below wishing I'd just done a single image like this with a big "Merry Christmas" at top. Classic and pretty!

Who did you use this year for your Christmas cards? And, because I know we are all a little nosy, care to share what you paid and how many you got? 


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