PRIME That $&*#

I hope you're not offended at the post title but I just have to laugh every time I read it. I thought about deleting it just to stay a little more tasteful but then I looked at it and giggled yet again.

If you can't get a little silly over the holidays, when can ya?!

So today is for all of you, like me, who are still struggling to wrap up your holiday shopping and you're hearing the TICK TOCK TICK TOCK of that darn Christmas countdown clock.

So, passing along some ideas to you guys about some items you can quickly Amazon Prime in to save you from

2018 Daily/Weekly Planner 
On Amazon HERE
This is the exact brand of planner I love, and their cover designs keep getting prettier and prettier! I know there are planners out there that are WAY more expensive and probably more detailed as well, but I love about this one that it's simple and straightforward. No stickers, no goals/wishes/dreams categories, just what you're doing and when you need to do it.

Pros for me: Great weekly at-a-glance setup, full calendar pages each month that I use for tracking LipSense team notes, sturdy thick pages, and won't break the bank.

Essential Oil Diffuser 
On Amazon HERE
If you're still looking for a main gift for someone, I really do love our essential oil diffuser. We have this exact one, and I got one for my mother-in-law as well this year. It's sleek looking and has a built-in timer or you can just run it until the water runs out. We keep it in our den and my favorite oil to sprinkle 5-6 drops of in the water is Peppermint. Makes your entire room smell so fresh!

Mom's One Line A Day Journal 
On Amazon HERE
I've written about my journal like this before and I'm asking this year for the mama version. My sister gave me one years ago and I went in and out of being good about using it regularly, but I'm vowing to be better this time around because the next five years will hold so many changes for us! You are prompted each day to just write down one line. Way easier than full journaling. 

Cigar Minder 
On Amazon HERE
My dad (bleh) smokes cigars and while it's not my thing, he sure enjoys it. Well, lookie lookie what I found that you can have to your home in 2 days! Clips right on to your golf cart, and I'm sure my dad will find a place for it on the lawnmower, too. 

Maybe your father, father-in-law, or significant other enjoys a nice golfing stogie, or hey, maybe you like to light one up on the 3rd hole, I won't judge too hard! Less than $10 and a great little stocking stuffer. 

Nighthawk LED Golf Balls
On Amazon HERE
Speaking of guys and golf, we spent a weekend with some friends recently and one of the guys had these LED golf balls. I can just imagine Ian, my dad and brother-in law going out at night to practice some putting. We have THIS little faux putting green. The combo of the two would be a fun and creative gift!
4 Nighthawk Glow In Dark LED Light Up Golf Balls Official Size Weight Constant On

Play-Doh Ice Cream Set
On Amazon HERE
Camille received this for her third birthday and both she and Charlotte love playing with it! I know Play-Doh can be a pain, but I think it's worth it. A great little way of flexing that creative muscle! Plus this thing is like twelve bucks and can be at your place before Christmas. 

Bath Bomb Set
On Amazon HERE
Lastly, maybe a little something for you? We all need to relax and my favorite way to do that is in a nice bath with a bath bomb! I love how chic this set looks and ya know, Prime eligible. 

Alright, that's what I have for you this morning, guys! Happy last-minute shopping and think of how great you'll feel when you can say your shopping is DONE!

Direct links for your convenience are affiliate links. Thanks y'all and happy holidays!


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