20 Week Pregnancy Update


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How Far Along? 20 Weeks ... HALFWAY there!

Size of Baby: Approximately 10 inches, crown to heel (that's big). Size of a mango per my phone app, which is wayyyy smaller than 10 inches. Am I right?! Maybe that's considering his size curled up and snuggling in.

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Gender: Baby BOY

Weight Gain: Just hopped on the scale, 112. I was around 105ish before pregnancy but lost some weight in those first few weeks. Doc's happy with weight gain and I'm eating like a college boy in the first week of freshman year.

Maternity Clothes: So very necessary. I gave away or sold much of mine :) Thankfully I held on to my Liz Lange (from Target) maternity leggings, because honestly I planned to keep wearing them even with a 1.5 year old. They are the best. Still have some long-sleeved maternity dresses and tops, so I will be breaking out that ruched-side goodness as the belly continues to grow! I'm feeling pretty MEH about my true "maternity clothes" ... they all are just so blah but I'm also not feeling up to spending lots on a true maternity wardrobe. So I'll be focusing on sprucing up staples (long-sleeved and sleeveless neutral tees) with cute cardigans, scarves and statement earrings/necklaces.

Nursery: Baby boy will be in Charlotte's current room. It has a smaller closet and is smaller overall. The girls will be sleeping in the same room! When we moved Camille to a big girl twin bed, we kept her old crib in the room. So Charlotte will eventually move there, and Char's coral-pink walls will be getting a little overhaul!

Movement: Happy birthday to me on 1/1 ... I first felt him kick on that day.

Symptoms: Big belly. Back pain! Not seeing a chiropractor again (yet) this time around, just due to time restrictions, and it's pricey too. Starving during the day, not really digging the idea of a full dinner though most nights. I still eat, obvi, but couldn't care less.

Sleep: Sleeping well but waking up really early most mornings.

Cravings: Spicy! I've definitely had more of an affinity for meals with a kick -- pepperoni pizza with jalapenos, spicy chips, buffalo wings with blue cheese.

What I Miss: This might make me sound like a lush and I'm not sorry about it. But I guess I miss just being able to catch a little weekend buzz with my hubby, you know, sit up in the playroom with a bottle of wine between us and go for that second or third glass and just get silly. Or go out to dinner with girlfriends and get a delicious spicy cocktail. OH and I also want one of those big sushi boats with totally raw sushi on it. Last thing -- I've got an icky cough now and would love to really medicate that beast.

Best Moment This Week: The best moment every week is when my girls come up to my stomach unprompted and pull up my shirt and talk to their brother. I also was given a TON of clothes and baby items on Monday, two huge boxes full -- thank you to my girlfriend Ellen for passing down the cutest boy items to us! Holding up those teeny outfits got me SO excited!

18 week scan

Looking Forward To: Coming up with a name! We have a few we like but really haven't gotten serious enough yet to just settle on a name. I'm not feeling rushed about it, I sort of enjoy the naming process. :)

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