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Snooooooow all over Charlotte, you guys! Real, sleddable snow.

Day 1 my girls were totally unsure of it, and my double-black-diamond loving hubby was like WUT. We needs to get these girls acclimated to some SNOW.

But by day 2 they were having a lot more fun, Camille at least, and Char (who is still not walking solo yet) was happiest standing in place near mama or sitting in my lap watching the big kids sled down the hill.

A girlfriend of mine (heyyyy Addie!) recommended this heating massage pillow the other day and I've got it en route to our house. Her husband bought it for her and she said it's the kind of thing she'd never buy herself but is SO happy she owns.

Sold. The one below is black but the one linked above -- that comes in slate gray, brown, champagne and pink with a softer cover -- is same-day shipping to Charlotte which is pretty awesome. So that's the one I just bought five minutes ago -- in champagne, naturally.

(I get yucky back pain with pregnancies, especially these last two, so hopefully this will be a huge help.)

Random $3.99 Homegoods find! I found these watermelon-flavored water "juice boxes" at the ol' HG the other day and we decided to bring them home. The girls didn't slurp them down as fast as they'll take down the Mott's low sugar apple juice boxes, but I'm hoping they will develop a taste for them. I think especially on a warmer day at the park with a picnic lunch, it'll hit the spot. 

I finally purchased a cute new iPhone case! I kept looking around for an inexpensive one at Marshalls and Homegoods and finally decided to get the one I just ... wanted. Last Friday night at Nordstrom I pulled the trigger and bought this gorgeous tortoise case, spending more than I would have liked, but I just love the classic tortoiseshell look. #worthit #noregrets

Main Image - Sonix Tortoise iPhone 6/6s/7/8 & 6/6s/7/8 Plus Case

This weekend's operation: CLOSET ORGANIZATION. 

Months back I shot a series of embarrassing Instastories showing the true state of my walk-in-closet. I think closets are like purses; the bigger they are, the more glamorous they seem, but the more STUFF you end up STUFFING in them. 

Well, I cleaned up my closet, and it's back to disaster zone status, holding avalanching piles of folded clean clothes and jewelry from high school and old magazines. Unless someone advises me otherwise, I'm ordering THIS pack of 12 clear boxes to put shoes I rarely wear in so they can come off of my floor and go up on a shelf. I mean, my wedding high heels are seriously laying on my floor as we speak -- no bueno. Seriously, if you have a better shoe storage solution, let me know fast before I order these!


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