Office Shelf Off: Which One?

Brooklyn Limestone
Warning: We interrupt this feed of normally pretty styled images for a reality check.

Don't judge me.  I used to be organized.

My office is an a sad state! I designed it before I had kids and when I had an entire empty closet to keep all my clutter.  Fast forward to today - two small humans are born and they required I give up my closet.  As a result, my office has become the dumping ground.  Can anyone relate?

It's time for a room redo here but I've been putting it off  - mostly because of lack of time.  But I spend a good bit of my week in here and it's now driving me crazyyyyy!  As you can tell, I need a lot more storage.  (or maybe a marie kondo intervention?)

So I'm thinking my old Swedish friend Ikea will help me out here but I'm torn.  I'm liking all three of the these options but they are totally different and I can't decide. Which one are you feeling? Anyone have one of these units and want to opine?

In this corner is the good ol' Fjallkinge which you may have seen in such blogs as Studio MeGee, Young House Love and Lark & Linen.  Pretty fly for white guy.

Followed by the relative unknown Verbod.  I like it's rustic farmhousy vibe and how smaller units could mean I could be more flexible with them in future.

They are pretty different styles and I'd probably go a different direction with paint and accessories depending upon the pick.

What say you wise people of the interwebs? White clean lines or rustic metal + wood?


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