Resolution Time: On The Homefront (Cleaning VS Cleaning HELP)

I enacted part of my New Year's Resolution yesterday which was to bump up the frequency of our house cleaners. (can I get a slow clap for that one)

It may not seem like a lot, but we are doing every 3 weeks now instead of every 4 weeks. This was a goal of mine (it also means I am keeping my LipSense business hustle going, because that's how I pay for our house cleaning) and I made it a TRUE resolution for 2018.

Having a cleaning team every so often certainly doesn't mean that I am some slacker SAHM who doesn't lift a finger. Quite the contrary. I bust my buns on the daily to keep the house tidy and try to stay one step ahead of two little tornadoes who can clear a toy bin faster than you say say "HALP." But to me, a cleaning team means the following: 1) a deeeeeep cleaning of the floors. 2) a deeeeep cleaning of the bathrooms including a full shower scrub-down. 3) baseboards and tall windows and under furniture, oh my! And lots of other areas of my home that I probably don't even realize are needing help, and Lisa just does it. 

Yesterday I was chatting with Lisa about the cleaning materials of mine that she uses. She said that she prefers the more plant-based products we use because they do a superb job cutting through grime and even require a little less scrubbing on her part. Plus they aren't as harsh on her skin and nose!

You already know that Grove Collaborative is my go-to home delivery service for my cleaning products. If you, too, want to give them a shot, you picked a great time because they're running a NEW PROMO that is open through this coming Sunday.

NEW CUSTOMERS can click right here to get started. Here's what you'll receive with your first $20 order:

  • Grove Collaborative Cleaning Concentrates (3 pack) 
  • Grove Collaborative Glass Spray Bottle 
  • Grove Collaborative Microfiber (2 pack) 
  • Grove Collaborative Cleaning Caddy
The spray bottle is a MUST. I keep ours in the laundry room and it contains a mixture of water and blue Dawn. It's my (not-so) secret laundry stain remover spray! I love that it's a glass bottle. 

And EXISTING CUSTOMERS, they're showing you love, too. Click right here to get my favorite disposable sponges (the walnut scrubber sponges) dropped in your cart as a little free gift. 

This promo runs only through SUNDAY, January 14! Go ahead and check out the promo and all of the amazing product lines that Groves carries. I love this delivery service because I get the BEST products at GREAT prices, and I don't have to schlep the girls around to Target to grab huge packs of paper towels and toilet paper and detergent any more. Plus, changing or delaying your monthly order is so, so simple. 

Happy (and cleaner!) 2018!


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