A Little Florida Getaway

On Thursday afternoon, Ian and I caught a quick flight to Orlando! He had a work conference to attend, and I said “Florida? Sunshine? Warm weather? No kiddos? Paid hotel at the Ritz? I’M BUYING A PLANE TICKET TOO.”

It was a quick getaway but an amazing one!

I was up early each morning since Ian’s breakfasts started at 6:30, but my mornings were lazy. I had quiet breakfasts and was even able to do some work of my own from my phone. 

Friday morning, I treated myself to a facial at the Ritz Carlton spa! It was positively luxurious. I highly recommend Kari there. So relaxing. 

Later, I hit the pool where Ian joined me after his morning work session. We stayed there for a few hours and chatted with some of the great people he works with. 

Saturday night was an awards banquet for the company, but they ended up inviting me to join as well which was so fantastic! I was the only spouse in attendance so I thought it was very generous of the hosts to invite me. I definitely was not expecting to spend my evening with them, so luckily had already dressed and showered! And I was excited to watch Ian go up on stage and accept an unexpected award which was fantastic. Proud wifey moment. 

Florida, thanks for your rays of sunshine! Much needed!

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